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Afghanistan has opened a new chapter of bilateral relations with regional countries under the framework of the Joint Economic Commissions. Bilateral Economic Commission covers cooperation in sphere of Trade, Investments, Transport and Transit, Cultural, Higher Education, Infrastructural projects and broader Economic issue of mutual interests.

The Bilateral Economic Commissions Directorate (BECD) is operating under Directorate General Chief of Staff Office of the Ministry of Finance.
The main activities of BECD is holding Joint Economic Commission Sessions (JECs) within and out of the country, implementing instructions of H.E. Minister of Finance on bilateral issues, coordination, organizing and managing meetings of H.E. Minister in relation to joint economic commissions, preparation and presentation of work plans for holding of a joint economic commission session for fundamental action on effective and timely activities of the commitments of the Joint Economic Commission protocols.

So for the BECD has established Joint Economic Commissions with People’s Republic of China, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Turkmenistan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Tajikistan, Russian Federation, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Republic of Georgia where all the commissions are co-chaired by H.E. Minister of Finance from Afghanistan side.

Recently In July, 2019 we held three Joint Economic Commission sessions with Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Azerbaijan and Republic of Uzbekistan respectively and signed the protocols of economic and trade cooperation.